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GoodNews connects you with Pastors, Christian leaders and Everyday uplifting programs including Worship songs. Documentaries, Programs for Children, Teens and Young adults. A wholesome family channel with great content from around India and the world.

Good News TV is the 4th of its kind in the GoodNews family TV network which is an exclusive English Channel that has strong family values. The founders of Good News TV have been involved in media for the past four decades. English is a universal language in India. As per Google, 30% of the Indian population speaks English. The need is big; Good News TV strives to cater to this large audience space. We strongly believe content can drive traffic and keeping this in mind, we have carefully selected life-enriching content that is broadcasted through our network. Good News TV is available on G10 satellite which has a South Asian footprint. Our state of the art high-tech studio is fully equipped to handle all types of 4K productions and we have a good in-house production team that manages design and content production.

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GoodNews Group is managed by the Father-Son duo, Nehru Dhyriam and Ashvin Dhyriam, through four satellite networks: Subhvaartha TV (Telugu), Shubhsandesh TV (Hindi), Nambikkai TV (Tamil) and Good News TV (English).

The channels cover 24/7 day viewing all through the year ensuring smart viewing for smart people all across India and the world


Nehru Dhyriam



Ashvin Dhyriam

Managing Director

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