GoodNews Channel Pvt. Ltd.

GoodNews Channel made a humble beginning in the year 1995, producing content for just one or two daily hours of telecast in hired secular slots. Through the blessing of God, GoodNews Channel group has now grown to four satellite networks: Subhvaarth (Telugu), Shubhsandesh (Hindi), Nambikkai (Tamil) and now GoodNews Television in English. Approved by the Government of India and carried in all leading cable networks as well as DTH platforms including Tata Sky, Airtel, and Reliance, GoodNews Channel Group is managed by father-son duo, Nehru and Ashvin Dhyriam.

D. Nehru Dhyriam - Chairman of GoodNews Channel

A graduate in film technology from the M.G.R Government Film & Television Institute in Chennai, India, Nehru Dhyriam has a prestigious history in film and video production for 35 years. Mr. Dhyriam’s career includes serving as chief producer in the Film & TV Division of the Govt.of Tamil Nadu for over two decades, producing more than 200 government projects. Mr. Dhyriam also served on the advisory board of the UPSC, selecting media related candidates for Doordarshan and other Government of India departments. The wealth of technical knowledge in all departments of film/television production and the steady guiding hand that Mr. Nehru Dhyriam brings is a primary factor in the success of GoodNews Channel. He resides in Hyderabad with his wife, Priscilla.

N. Ashvin Dev Dhyriam - Managing Director of GoodNews Channel

After graduating from the M.G.R Government Film & Television Institute in Chennai, India, Ashvin Dhyriam did his post-graduation and advanced training in TV programming and production at Cross Roads, Burlington, Canada. He is widely travelled, producing television projects in several countries including Sweden, Germany, and Finland. In 2015, Ashvin received the NRB award for International Individual Achievement.
Demonstrating a great passion for teaching and training the next generation in the television media industry, Ashvin Dhyriam served as course director at Race Loyala College for over a decade and is currently course director of GoodNews Training Institutes in Chennai & Hyderabad. Ashvin and his wife, Sheba are based out of the GoodNews Chennai Office. They have three children.