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Digital marketing is a journey, not a race. At GoodNews Digital, our skilled team is dedicated to creating a story of change for your organization. We'll be by your side throughout the process as you move forward in building your brand online. Our digital marketing strategy is designed to captivate your audience effectively and creatively.


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GoodNews Studio

Step into our state-of-the-art digital studio in the heart of Hyderabad, helmed by industry-certified technicians. Our 4K digital studio floors, RGB lights, virtual LED walls, high-end cameras, and moving heads offer endless possibilities to bring your creative dreams to life.

Hi - Tech Studio

Learn With Us - Internship

GoodNews has opened its doors to train and accept students for internships, providing excellent opportunities for learning and upskilling in the latest developments in the field. Join us in engaging with the Production team, handling cameras and lights, participating in Post-production, and much more. Experience a fresh learning opportunity with GoodNews. Contact us for more info.

GoodNews AI

For 30 years, the GoodNews group has been serving through TV and media platforms. We are excited to announce our new initiative in the AI world. Our dedicated teams are leveraging AI tools for scriptwriting, screenplays, visual creation, lighting, after effects, music scoring, and voiceovers. These cutting-edge productions are directly overseen by our founder and chairman, Nehru Dhyriam.

Our vision is to see God open new doors for this initiative and bring a real impact to lives through AI. We seek your support as we pioneer these efforts and strive to create meaningful, transformative content.